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a new life for systems and components.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of design, machining and materials, MC is your consultant for revamping and reverse engineering.

A focused intervention where needed allows to save time and money. MC maps and assesses the condition of the component or plant before any revamping project.

Why replace if
it can be restored?

Thanks to targeted regeneration interventions, revamping makes it possible to restore component or system functionality in a few essential steps, without the need for long engineering and production processes.


MC provides advice for reverse engineering activities, by reconstructing structural and functional features of components or plants and providing alternatives.

Revamping process

Technical analysis
and offer
After a careful technical analysis, MC establishes a detailed offer with a time schedule. This step is essential to validate the project and find the best way to cooperate with the customer.
Each revamping operation depends on the specific conditions of the component or plant under intervention. MC accurately identifies which activities shall be carried out, providing the customer with a final project assessing opportunities and risks, and an operational plan as well.
Thanks to a specific know-how gained over time and to a wide range of cutting-edge machines, MC has a full control of the project and is able to machine anything in-house.
At the end of the intervention, functionality is restored and production can recover. By supporting the customer in the final phase, MC is ready to intervene during component or plant re-installation and restart.

A new cycle

for reliable


Revamping allows to rejuvenate plants and systems without the need to redesign structured and efficient processes. Wear and tear, intensive use or new applications may compromise system or plant efficiency and require a targeted intervention. An accurate revamping allows to restore the reliability, as well as optimise times and costs thanks to focused interventions.

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