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Made to last
over time.

Firma wheels are designed to ensure the utmost performance of overhead cranes, port cranes, trolleys and special machines. Made from certified Italian steel and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies, our wheels benefit from the high-quality standards and specific know-how gained by Meccanica Center, and are fully customisable as well.
Accurate tests and certification procedures ensure a long-lasting performance and a high reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: which means a time-saving maintenance and reduced equipment downtime.
Firma provides consulting services as well, thanks to Meccanica Center’s ability to develop the perfect solution for each kind of need.

Perfection is just the beginning.

Firma wheels are the result of many years of research, application and comlpletion: a specific know-how gave us the possibility to create the ideal component for main section applications.

Ability to understand the customer and peculiar needs knowledge make Firma the ideal choice for wheels customisation, created quickly in order to guarantee continuity and efficiency to many machines.

Constant research in materials and technologies to ensure long-lasting hardening.

Thanks to the cooperation with the research centre of the University of Brescia, Firma wheels are the only ones certified through a specific hardening analysis.

Firma wheels comply with standards ensuring high performance over time. Hardening can be further adapted to any customer need.

All Firma wheels are provided with a certified mill test report, a metal hardening certification (even for each single wheel) and a dimensional results report.

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