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We make quality

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We make quality

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We make quality

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Made to last over time.


A new conception of pulleys.


Winding drums ropes.


Gear box on specs of the customer.


Boogie systems FIRMA technology.

Hook Blocks

Equipment hook blocks.

Guide rollers

Guide rollers that can be customised according to customer requirements.

Firma is the line of wheels and wheel assemblies designed, manufactured and fully assembled in Italy by Meccanica Center.

Built with state-of-the-art technology and certified made-in-Italy steel, they are created according to the high quality standards and specific know-how gained by Meccanica Center in the industry, as well as customizable in every detail.

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at each machining step.

Created to supply on-demand machining services and products, Meccanica Center (MC) regards technological innovation as its own driving force to meet the widest range of customer needs.

Agile, rapid, flexible and structured, MC has an attitude to customer satisfaction. Whether it is to produce specific components, carry out revamping or maintenance operations, or manufacture bespoke pieces, MC is able to design, engineer, test and certify services and products for mechanical industry..

Its goal? Provide the best specialised product support and services for clients choosing quality, rapidity and performance as growth parameters..

Made in

Meccanica Center

In-house machining even of the most complex pieces. Thanks to a wide range of cutting-edge machines, MC is able to design, engineer and produce both standard and customised products, ensuring quality at every production step..

Revamping and reverse engineering

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Over 15 years of experience in machining, providing tailored solutions to the most important international players. MC is your ideal partner for plant engineering and metalworks.


In-house design, engineering and production. The control over the entire production process allows cost and time optimisation.


Thanks to the in-house management of the entire production process, MC is able to comply with customer specification and project scheduling..

Problem solving

There is always a solution. Approach is the key factor. MC is open to a constructive dialogue to face even the most demanding project, with the aim of identifying effective problem solving solutions.