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Know-how, precision, efficiency, customization.

In-house machining even of the most complex pieces. Thanks to a wide range of cutting-edge machines, MC is able to design, engineer and produce both standard and customised products, ensuring quality at every production step..

Working with metal we learn the value of being flexible. This is why we do not offer pre-packaged solutions, but approach every project as tailored set of products and services. We are at your side to find the best solution to your needs!.

Our strenghts

Over 15 years of experience in machining, providing tailored solutions to the most important international players. MC is your ideal partner for plant engineering and metalworks.
In-house design, engineering and production. The control over the entire production process allows cost and time optimisation.
Thanks to the in-house management of the entire production process, MC is able to comply with customer specification and project scheduling..
There is always a solution. Approach is the key factor. MC is open to a constructive dialogue to face even the most demanding project, with the aim of identifying effective problem solving solutions.

Our team

Andrea Tonoli

General Manager

Renato Boschetti

Account Manager

Chiara Lussignoli

Product Office Manager

Daniela Cappa

Financial Department & HR

Jàn Eiben

Chief Editor

Monica Gazzurelli

Export Manager

Andrea Merlanzoli

Purchase Department

Francesco Bortolotti

Purchase Manager

Giulia Brusatore

Back Office

Tina Taroli

Sales and Export,
Lead Generation